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Knowing What You Want is The First Step!

Knowing What You Want is The First Step!

Both employers and candidates spend too much time reacting. Employers create a job or have an opening and are stuck trying to fit the candidates they have to the job they are hiring for. The same goes for potential employees. How much research do most people put into the company they are applying at? What is the culture like? How much turnover is there?

Anyone who is successful at meeting their goals will tell you the first step is to write down what you are hoping to accomplish. It is the same in the world of employment. If you are a shop owner before you run an ad, post a job, or start the recruitment process for a new employee the first thing you should do is make a list of the qualities and skills that would make the ideal employee for that position. As you conduct interviews and move through the recruitment process, this list should be your guide or benchmark as you compare and interview candidates. If they have none of the qualities you have identified make the ideal employee for your position, why would you consider hiring them?

This is the same concept for a technician as well. Make a list of key characteristics that you would find working for the ideal company. As you go in for an interview this list should help guide the questions you ask of a potential employer, and the lens with which you look at the facility and operation of the company you are interested in working at.  If you take a job at a company that doesn’t meet your list, why would you be surprised if you aren’t happy there?

Take a little more time on the front end of your employment/employee search to make sure you know what you want first. Then go get it!

Greg McVicker


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