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Constant Recruiting – Post by Lee Rush of Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Constant Recruiting – Post by Lee Rush of Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Constant Recruiting

After of 20 years of collision management of MSO’s, recruiting and hiring the right people has proven to be one of the most time consuming and expensive duties of a collision operator.  The traditional methods of recruitment through local classifieds or walk-in applications have become outdated and produce less than desirable results.  In addition to the lack of candidates produced by these traditional methods, after interviewing them, I found that many didn’t have the qualifications I needed.  Imagine that!  The “guy or gal” that wonders into your business at 3:00 in the afternoon isn’t the qualified, high producing employee you needed.  No, those people are currently elsewhere repairing vehicles and processing RO’s.

I have for years had a practice of “constant recruiting”.  Always looking for talent and not waiting until my business had a “hole” before I began the process of looking for a person to fill that hole.  This process was extremely time consuming and expensive.  I still believe in having candidates “in the pipe line” before your business has an empty seat or bay is a good process.  By practicing “constant recruiting” you will never be more than a couple of weeks away from a new employee.  This process will prevent your business from being at risk during an extended time of being “short handed” which we all know can be quite stressful for our other employees who must pick up the slack not to mention yourself.

The whole premise of a recruiting site in our industry that is proactive is outstanding!!!

You can go search for the person you are looking for versus spending money to put an ad up and hoping that someone is going to respond to it.  A way to eliminate the traditional recruiting process and save operators valuable time and money by easily connecting with qualified techs.  You can now have a “constant recruiting” process that is at your finger tips.

Thank you from Talent Monger to Lee for his guest blog post and years of service to the collision industry!

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