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Don’t Become an “Old Dog”

Don’t Become an “Old Dog”

For technicians and shop operators of all ages and experience levels it is important to have a learning mindset. I have run across many people in my career who had convinced themselves that they were an expert on one thing or another and never stopped talking long enough to hear what other incredibly smart people around them had to say.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to be said for experience and confidence. Without both it would be impossible to build a successful career or shop. But everyone should be open to listening to those around them for unique perspectives and opportunities to learn. In our shop we have implemented an SOP committee that meets on a regular basis to review our shop’s standard operating procedures. There is a representative from each of our major steakholder groups. We use this as a regular opportunity to hear from our team and allow them to tell us what is working or not working in each of our processes.

This is just one example of building learning into your mindset, but it is no different as an individual technician. Make a plan of how, where, and when you will attend training. Participate in industry groups and forums. Find a mentor, or become one. The key is to accept the fact that none of us knows 100% of the knowledge in our industry. So challenge yourself to find new ways and perspectives to grow you or your shop into the future!

Gregory McVicker

Co-Founder, Talent Monger LLC

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