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Recruitment as a Two-Way Street

Recruitment as a Two-Way Street


Whether you are a technician interviewing for a new job and weighing your options, or a shop operator looking for a great new employee to join your team, it is important to remember that the employer-employee relationship needs to benefit both parties.

Collision Repair Technician Salary vs Cultural Fit

While it may seem obvious, no shop or employee is the same. Not everyone is going to be the right fit for a specific shop’s culture and not every new hire is going to fit the expectations of their new boss. In my shop, I have found that culture and attitude are far more important to a happy work life and productive workforce than how much you are paying or getting paid. We use a 90-day trial period for all new employees. We stress that this is a period for the employee to determine if our facility is the right fit for them, and for us to determine if they are the right fit for our operation. Though it doesn’t happen often, there have been times when an employee has decided not to stay on. Or we’ve decided to let them go. These exceptions mean the system is working, and the employees who remain are happy and productive.

​I know, this is great in theory, but tough to execute in practice. How do techs and shops find each other in the fist place?

Managing the Recruitment Process as a Shop Owner

It’s happened to everyone. Your lead estimator quits on a Friday and it snows all weekend. Monday is a disaster, and being short-handed is costing you a fortune. By Tuesday, you’re willing to hire the guy from Craigslist who listed the paint job he did on his grandma’s old pickup on his resume. You just need a warm body.

We all know this is a recipe for disaster. The new guy will be earning a collision repair technician salary but costing you way more. I work to avoid this scenario by recruiting all the time. I use TalentMonger to reach out to qualified techs and build relationships even when my shop is fully staffed. That way, I have a list of people to call before I ever turn to the classifieds and taking risks by hiring unknowns.

From a Tech’s Point of View 

​As a tech, there is no downside to talking to every shop who approaches you, even if you’re happy with your current position and collision repair technician salary. Indeed, for the same reasons as shop owners should maintain a list of qualified techs they can draw on if needed, techs should keep a list of shops they’d be happy to work at. In the end, as a tech you have little control over how the business is managed. Maybe there’s a downturn and your shop needs to downsize. Maybe one of the big MSOs moves in and steals some business. These are risks you can’t control, and if the situation comes where you need to find a new gig, it helps to be prepared so you can make informed decisions. Signing up for a Talent Monger account is one way to get your name out there.

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